keys_mapI think the worst situation is going on vacation, not knowing the area, and having to waste time trying to find something you need.

Below we have taken the time to list some resources that should help save you time. We’ve listed both local and some online resources. This area, the Florida Keys, is unique compared to others. Most businesses are not open on Sunday and there is a very casual attitude when it comes to business.

In the Keys it can be confusing as to which way you might drive when looking for a business, restaurant, gas station, drug store, etc. If you make a mistake and go one way versus the other, you might be driving for some time.

As you may or may not know, everything in the Keys is easy to find as long as you have a “mile marker” (MM) as a landmark. The mile markers get smaller as you go south. They start at about MM-127 which is just past Florida City coming off the turnpike and go down to MM-0 which would be Key West. Our home is located at MM-86. With that in mind, anything located at a mile marker greater than 86 would be north of our home and anything located at a mile marker less than 86 would be south of it. There is only one main road in the Keys called Overseas Highway. You can find just about any type of business on this road.

While you may think that something is only 5 or 10 miles away, depending on when you are in the Keys and the time of day, you may want to allow extra time for traffic. Since there is only the one road, it can get hectic on some weekends and holidays.

Local Business ResourcesIslamorada Restaurants & Local Attractions – see our Local Spots page for those listings.Grocery Stores

  • Winn-Dixie, MM-92.1 bayside – The largest grocery store that is close to the house.
  • Trading Post, MM-81.5 bayside – This is a smaller, family owned store and the ONLY store open 24 hours that we’ve ever found. Real friendly people and a really great selection of prime meats.
  • Publix, MM-101.4 ocean side – A bit of a ride but for those who prefer Publix it might be worth the ride.

Gas Stations with Convenience Stores

  • Tom Thumb, MM-88.5 ocean side – (305) 852-7242 – Usually cheap gas
  • Mobil Discount Beverage & Deli, MM-87.2 bayside – (305)664-8576
  • Tavernier Chevron, MM-91.8 bayside – (305) 853-5352
  • Tiny’s Mobil, MM-82.7 bayside – (305) 664-8576
  • Shell of Islamorada, 81.5 bayside – (305) 664-9000
  • Chevron, MM-84.1 ocean side – (305) 664-2321
  • Smugglers Cove Marina (by boat only) – Located just before you go under the Snake Creek bridge to the ocean, on the north side behind the Coast Guard station


  • Catering by Mangrove Mikes – (305) 664-6747 – Any type of event catering large or small. Mike Forester is a local specialist that can get the job done right.

Drug Stores

Propane Gas

  • Amerigas, MM-86.4 bayside – (305) 852-3229

Bait, Tackle, etc.

  • Smuggler’s Cove Marina, MM-85.5 bayside (305) 664-5564 – Just over the snake creek bridge, accessible by car or boat. Live shrimp, pinfish & crabs. Also chum & other frozen bait
  • Wide World Sportsman, MM-81.5 bayside (305) 664-4615 – Tons of fishing equipment, not sure what bait they carry though
Online ResourcesIslamorada Web Sites

Weather, Fishing, Diving, etc.

Florida Keys & Islamorada Newspapers

Other Online Resources not related to Islamorada (some of our Favorites)